Raldoron, Archien of Wisdom Commission.

‘Blood Angel!’ Skraivok yelled joyfully. ‘Face me!’The Blood Angel finished his opponent and turned to face the Night Lord. Upon his left pauldron, his name was emblazoned across a scroll plate, just legible under rivulets of blood.‘Raldoron?’ said Skraivok.

‘The Raldoron?’

He made a few passes with his sword, revelling in its lightness, in its killing edge.‘This will be a day to celebrate, the day I slew the hero of the Blood Angels!’

He saluted, and declaimed pompously, ‘I am Gendor Skraivok, the Painted Count, Lord Commander of the Night Lords Legion, and I am your end.’

‘Never heard of you,’ Raldoron said, and came in to attack, his power sword buzzing.

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