Thramas the Grave of Heroes: Dark Angels Army Showcase.

“Loyalty is its own reward”

Lion El Johnson, Savage Weapons. Aaron Dembski Bowden.

We’re nearly there. I write this a day before pre-orders for book 9 go-live, around 1 week before the physical book lands in my hands. It’s been a long wait, but the Dark Angels, the First Legion, finally get their moment to shine. But who are the Dark Angels?

The full video tutorial on how to paint the Legion’s sable is available to view right now!

It’s the sort of question that will hopefully be answered in the book. But up until this point we’ve had hints on their character. First of all, they are ancient. They are the first, with traditions predating the formal formations of the Legions. They developed the Principia Belicosa, developing strategies that would be adopted by other legions in time.

One of the most enduring legacies of the First is the variety of tech available to them. They pioneered the use of war tech independent of Mars, and still hold relics of old night proscribed to all but the Talons of the Emperor.

Knowing this, how do we approach painting them?

I’ve always rather liked using a shade of colour over the black to suggest their loyalties. Black can be very boring to paint, but you can enliven it with a glaze layer. A glaze is an incredibly thin layer of paint that can be applied to soften a transition or change the underlying hue. By adding a thin glaze of turquoise over the black we can suggest the ancient lineage of Terra. By adding a dark green glaze, we align they with Caliban. We could even use magenta overlapped with turquoise to suggest the forces aligned with the Orburous (another tale entirely!) This commissioned army was created by highlighted with dark and light greys, then glazed with Vallejo turquoise.

Although it is a Blood Angel, this is the perfect recipe for DArk Angel Dreadnoughts.
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