Thramas, the grave of heroes – Hope is a fragile thing.

The Heresy community feels like a kid before Xmas with the launch of Book 9 this Friday, so who better than Grand Master Michael John (@k3rrbox on insta) to take us through his hopes for the coming book?

The Thramas Crusade is so close, I can practically taste the untold glory of the First Legion. We’ve had so many teases and hints and it’s all about to be revealed.

How will the wings work on the table top? I’m hoping to see fully fleshed out Wings that create thematic forces on the table top. I’m a sucker for destroyers, to a generic destroyer rite of war won’t go amiss.

What is a Calibanite Charge Blade? One of those tantalizing hints hidden in plain sight with the previews. We have a lot of AP 2 weapons, so my hoe is for something with interesting rules dynamics that pair well with our Blade Mastery.


What other amazing titles like Eskaton lie buried within the tome? I’ve been painting up the core of a force to add to when the book lands. I’ve been playing the rules we have now, and oh boy will it be nice to field some more specialized units against the Gal Vorback or Justaerin!

Like many brothers of the First Legion the wait for Crusade to drop has been a long and agonising one, seemingly endless delays and then COVID pushing it further and further down the line-so what am I most excited to find out about?

The background of the Dark Angels. Whilst the 1st have revived some attention in the Horus Heresy novels, I cannot wait for the deep, black-book- style dive into their history. Then the chance to actually have a proper understanding of the legion structure is very exciting for me. I’m also so keen to see how the different wings will play on the table-especially as there isn’t much background apart from the odd mention in the Black Library series.


On the other side, I’m also slightly cautious. 5 new rites of war in the book might give Dark Angels a bit of a book 7 Custodes/ Magnus feeling about them. We’re already seeing potentially game-breaking combinations.

I don’t want people to go into a game with me apprehensive about if they’ll enjoy it or not. However, the game is fairly balanced at the time of writing. Win ratios hover around the 50% marks for most forces, with new armies getting a boost early in their life cycle. Remember the panic behind Angel Tears? If in doubt, don’t forget the old maxim: with plasma all paths are smoothed.

I doubt the Dark Angels will be remembered with such infamy as the Custodes, but I don’t want my beloved first to be tarred by that feather.

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