Tutorial: Winter Soldier, Roman Legionnaire Bust PDF Guide

A solider stares out over the edge of the world. The trees sway in the cold winter wind. This is his last campaign, for good or ill, his youth has been spent in the pursuit of glory. It has led him here standing over the divide between barbarism and Civilisation. The trees sway again. He prays it is only the wind that stirs them.

In this PDF guide you will learn:

  • The demands of painting a bust.
  • How to tell a story with paint.
  • How to translate your story into the practical step by step of painting a bust.
  • How to paint a cool skin tone.
  • How to paint a cool gold and silver.
  • How our colour palette can create ambiance, mood, and setting.
If you enjoy bust painting or would like to challenge yourself please check out the 1 hour bust challenge.
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