#Returntoisstvan – December 1st deadline!

Time is what we want, but what we use worst.

William Penn

Can you believe it was May that we launched this challenge? A deadline of December the first seemed so ludicrously far away. So why am I panicking to get the army painted now?

Of the 15 Justaerin, 10 reavers and Abaddon for the 1500 point centurion force I have just over half compelte and the rest 50% complete. Novmebr is the eye of the needle, that we all must pass through.

My birthday is coming up (November 12th – send me birthday cards with money inside) and I’ve scheduled time off before the Christmas rush. I have 4 days. 4 days to knock out the rest of the force before that deadline runs me over like a car in the dark.

Let’s see what our intrepid campaigners have been up to this month!

The Death and Betrayal podcast are doing the Warmaster’s work by publicising the challenge. Thank you guys!
Alex has also been working on Coral city.
Kid danderous has buffed up his World Eaters with an assault marine cadre.
Jack has produced a beautiful kitbash for Rylanor. Cannot wait to see you paint them! I hope you’re arm is on the mend.
OLLY! My lord, what a beautiful Emperor’s Child!
A student of mine has produced a beautiful Luna Wolf force.
A wonderful clean paint job for the World Eaters.
Pushing that battle damage!
Dornsarrow seminal Sons get reinforcements.
The Warrior Painter has been producing some beautiful commission piece, and this is no exception.
I’m struggling to keep up with Ollie! He’s leading the way.
Check out this man’s instagram – it’s chock full of beauty.
Finally, we have this wonderful piece of art from George.ablayan. Everything is on fire. EVERYTHING!

And that’s it for this month. 1 more month to go! Crack out those paintbrushes and plow through!

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