Szarekh The Silent King Commission piece.

When the Silent King saw what had been done, he knew at last the true nature of the C’tan, and of the doom they had wrought in his name.

Book of Mournful Night

This miniature is huge. It’s big sure, but in terms of significance to the lore, this being is a red supergiant, with the entire universe caught in his gravity. Arguably, the Necron WOULD NOT EXIST if it weren’t for eth actions of the Silent King. He is every bit as significant as the Emporer of Mankind, or Asuryan in Warhammer Lore. That’s why it’s so surprising that he doesn’t feel overwhelming to paint.

This model has lots of plain surfaces. You can paint this neatly and allow the sculpt to speak for itself. Or you can work detail into these open surfaces to create a contrast of materials. I’m not sure what Necrolith looks like, but I imagined it as obsidian veined with the stress of channeling the Warp. I’ve used the marble technique to create these veins and contrasted them with an ethereal fluorescent green. The combination of bronze and fluo green gives an otherworldy feel to the colour palette.

To further embellish this I used Hera Minaiutre Fluo pigments to really set off the paint job. You can find a free video tutorial on its application here:

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