#returntoisstvan Mortarion’s First.

Kevin Rahman-Daultry. or Saint Imp was the first to successfully complete the #returntoisstvan project! Kevin is known for cranking out armies at an enviable speed, but I think this broke his personal best! Let’s hear from the Sonic painter himself.

What got you involved with the #returntoisstvan project?

Peer pressure, lockdown, and my need for a project.

Why get involved in the challenge? 

Honestly seemed super fun and gave me enough of a force to play 30k.

Why Deathguard? 

I already own 40k death guard so it made sense to get some pre-nurgle death guard  

How did you approach the collection?

100% rule of cool and narrative. Force was designed to be nearly all troops fitting the Death Guard approach to combat. From there it was what I thought was cool to paint. 

What were the challenges in slogging through it?

No real challenges as I tend to paint pretty fast! Had a blast with the weathering, their aesthetic is very, very forgiving. I used streaking grime to weather the miniatures and lots of pigments to tie them together. 

What were the strategies for getting an army together?

I approached this with the idea of trying to get as many troops as I could into a single list, big guns had to be troop operated and that was the basis for ending up with the quad mortars and fully scoped out squads. 

I went basic with Death Guard colours mixed with heavy weathering. I’m very happy with the overall effect and think the army looks good together.

Moving forward – what are you going to add?

No plans to add at the moment but will likely add a dreadnought at some point. 

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