AAAAAnd that’s a wrap for 2020! Merry Christmas everyone!

I’m proud to be part of a species that can ride out a global pandemic with Tiger King, and end it with The Queen’s Gambit.

This year. THIS YEAR. God damn it’s been a tough one. I’ve had friends lose jobs, start new businesses, and do food raids on local supermarkets. Who knew all those hours on Call of Duty would pay off? 2020, the year toilet paper was worth more than money.

But, amidst the shit, glimmerings of gold. Our backward compatible monkey need to hold things and play games with them has seen Games Workshop’s stock fly through the roof! Bully for them, but I’ve been positively inspired by small businesses’ finally launching their own products. It’s been an excellent year for the hobby, with inventiveness and downright determination.

If you have enjoyed any of the content we have produced this year, it’s thanks to our sponsors! Throw a few coins their way. A little bit really helps! And if you’d like to enjoy the full Advent Calendar releases you will also be helping tremendously. Don’t be a scrouge!

Feel free to download THIS GIANT custom advent calendar.

We also launched a hobby challenge: #returntoisstvan that was meant to be a stop-gap measure to fill lock downtime. The challenge ended on the 1st of December, but we realized that the pebble, once thrown, inevitably causes the avalanche. Phase one is complete. Phase two we will play the games and phase 3? Well, if rumors are to be believed and if we can get our ducks in line, 2021-2022 will be an excellent time for the Heresy. Get painting those legionnaires, and we’ll meet you on the Black Sands.

And what will 2021 hold for the page, for the tuition series, for the patreon and you? Well, I warmly invite you to join us on an adventure. The theme for the year will be WARBANDS. Smaller, focussed collections that will serve up the very best the hobby can offer. From learning how to sculpt to painting techniques to lord knows what else the world can throw at us.

Intrigued? So are we.

My best wishes and warmest, sherry soaked handshakes!


Dec 17th 2020.

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