#returntoistvaan John Roberts – in search of perfection.

John has walked the path of glory and has completed a wonderful Emperor’s Children Force. Take it away John!

So you, Cambria Synod and David Braines at the 30k channel inspired me to participate. I’ve been following HH since the original concept in AT and I didn’t have a force for Isstvan III, just Isstvan IV (10k of IW).

I went with EC because they seemed to be underrepresented and, barring Death Guard body odor or fart jokes, was the legion that seemed most conducive to my immature sense of humor.

I usually start every list from a 5 box starting point, which represents a full section of infantry. Then I fill with whatever catches my eye, within the list restrictions.
COVID-19 was no real challenge to the project. If anything the Plague actually helped.

Color scheme: these are a bit darker than normal as I wanted to try contrast as a base. I could probably lighten it more with progressive dry brushes of Lucius Lilac. The WE are a healthy white, though the blue I used was a bit dark for the FW transfers I enjoy the deeper tone.

I initially planned on a single 1500 pt army (EC of indeterminate loyalty, depending on opponents) and realized a single 1500 point army was boring by itself so I collected a second (had 60 unassembled WE on hand, that helped).

Then I realized that you need a minimum of 2.4k (loyalist) vs 3k (traitors including primarch) to draw from and also terrain requirements (plethora of fortifications, landing pad and a arvus lighter plus 3 messengers of truth and 14 flame markers) in order to be able to play every single legendary battle in the book.

Now that I’m done I’m going to do the campaign, 2 battles per phase and 1 phase per month starting Januaryish 2021. I’m also only a primarch and 2 more landspeeders away from 3k traitor EC for the #returntoisstvanV campaign.

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