Return to Isstvan. Phase 2.

The deadline has elapsed. The challenge is over. The dust has settled. Well, that’s what I thought.

It seems if you roll a snow ball down a mountain, sometimes, it keeps on rolling. We never thought it would develop into an avalanche. The start of 2021 saw an explosion of new armies being pledged, new and old hobbyists taking up the cause of the betrayer or betrayed, and all returning to Isstvan.

The thinktank over at the Cambrian Synod have dreamed up a 3 phase plan.

Phase 1

Open up the Facebook group to all.

There’s some amazing hobby happening here. It’s a small, dedicated community with the aim to help everyone reach their goals. Feel free to sign up!

Phase 2

Play through the scenarios in Book 1.

We’re fighting Covid more than scheduling on this one. This phase will continuing drifting in the wind until we get a firmer idea of how we are going to progress with regulations and vaccinations.

However, the plan, as of this moment, is to meet in the UK this year and have a gaming weekend centered around Book 1: Betrayal.

But what if you don’t live in the UK? Never fear, we have a plan.

2022 marks the 10 year anniversary of Book 1: Betrayal. We want to mark this with a momentous event and bring the entire Circus to Adepticon 2022! We’re in talks with the organizers, and Covid permitting, will be hosting a mega battle with some of the most sublime armies created on the planet.

We do recognize, however, that the scope of collections is quite limited to the original legions in book 1. So, for phase 3, we will…

Phase 3

Be heading toward Isstvan V. The centrepiece battle at Adepticon will be a recreation of The massacre on the black sands: The Urgal Depression. This opens up half the legions for gamers to invest in.

2021 – it’s looking good.


Blame it on Saul. The model that started this entire thing. I’ve finally ogtten my hands on him and will be painting not one, but three versions of him, to show the differences between a grimdark, historical and illistrators style when painting miniatures. The entire process is being recorded and will be made aviable via the Patreon.

This metallic scheme was created with Vallejo Dural Aluminium, Aluminium and White Aluminium with a coat of Emper’s Children Clear from Forge World

From Tarvitz to the Lord of Death the #returntoisstvan is positively fizzing with hobby!

And this is just the tip pf the iceberg. Would you like to take up the banner? Just tag any post with #returntoisstvan on your socail media posts and collect an army!

See you in the trenches.


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