TUTORIAL: Saul Tarvitz Twice! Emperor’s Children Metallic and Non Metallic.

“It had often been said that a Space Marine knew no fear.

Such a statement was not literally true, a Space Marine could know fear, but he had the training and discipline to deal with it and not let it affect him in battle. Captain Saul Tarvitz was no exception, “he had faced storms of gunfire and monstrous aliens and even glimpsed the insane predators of the warp, but when Angron charged, he ran.”

I thought that we’d take a pleasant detour from the Sculpting Masterclass Series to look at the stylistic differences between a Grim Dark paint job and an illustrator’s approach. 

This series will examine where the two styles dovetail and where the key differences lie. It should also help you clarify your own thinking when approaching projects. 

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