Spotlight: Sanguinius, Lord of Angels by Mathew Kane.

“If I got rid of my demons, I’d lose my angels.”

Tenessee Williams

Not only is it my immense pleasure to welcome Mathew Kane as an instructor for Lil’Legend Studio Patreon, but it has also been my pleasure to raid his pictures. He has quite a few, ranging from the early days at the Forge World studio to Sanguinius, Lord of Angels. The Great Angel is depicted at Gorgon Bar from the Novel Saturnine, leading the desperate defence of the Palace.

We’ve talked quite a bit about this piece. I’ve seen it morph from the initial sketch into this polished masterpiece. Mathew will be expanding upon this piece in other articles. This showcase is purely to gawp at the images. Click on one and expand to see them in full, glorious, unfettered resolution.

If you would like one to one online tuition with Mathew, limited places are being made available on the 28th of Feb @ 9:30 & 20:00 UK. Good luck to all who wish tuition!

There are a LOT of images detailing the process. We’ll be publishing them here and expanding on the methodology in Patreon, diving down into the nitty gritty for those who wish for greater insight. We will also be expanding the scope of tutorials to encompass

Miniature Painting Course Library.
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