Collected Visions: Sons of Horus Reaver Company.

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The Sons of Horus are misunderstood. They’re not just gang killers; they’re apex predators. And this is the sentiment that leads me to pledge to the Warmaster for my first heresy army.

Narrative, it’s all about narrative. That how I choose an army, the singular driving force. I have liked the Sons of Horus since Horus Rising. But it was the story in Slaves to Darkness that made me appreciate them fully. Especially Maloghust, Ekkadon, and the Reavers.

Reavers, epitomize the aggression and loyalty of the Son of Horus, but how to show this on the tabletop? I wanted a fast army that hit hard at weak points in the enemy line. After some research, I landed with the Angel Wrath rite of War and made the list from there.

I need Maloghust, both narratively and he makes the Reavers troops. Ekkadon is the Praetor unlocking the rite. And it presents an interesting challenge to create him for the tabletop.

The first two troop choices are full 15 man Reaver squads in Storm Eagles; chain axes, a power fist and 3 metlas, they have to start in reserve and will come in and assault where needed. The final troop is 15 man Reaver with jump packs; super mobile.

Apothecaries and Destroyers with jump packs occupy my elites; two ends of the spectrum – one to keep stuff alive, the other to corrode flesh and bone with war crime grade weapon art. I love the lore behind destroyers and rad missiles will really combine well with the chain axes.

Two lascannon & melta Javelins for anti-tank/dread are included in the fast attack. They are very cheap and offer a modicum of anti-armor.

Finally a Fire Raptor for some more heavy punch and fire support.

The army rests of a knife’s edge. It’s a very all-or-nothing force. How much can I leave in reserve? The javelins are more effective outflanking but I don’t want to be tabled turn 1 having lost the small force I am able to field. However, not many people come equipped to handle three armored flyers. It’s an army that will demand finesse to use, and something I am looking forward to growing into.

The list has everything I wanted for the Sons of Horus tip of the spear; super maneuverable, aggressive, themed. Everything the First Reaver Company should be. Is it the strongest army, no; but it is the army I want to fit the narrative I crave? I guess I’ll find out after spending a load of money on resin.

First on the painting desk is a unit of 5 reavers. I love the kit and it will help me pin down a scheme to roll out across the entire army.

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  1. Bill B says:

    Were the reavers painted in the same manner as the ones in the tutorials? They seem to be a slightly different scheme.

    • Myles says:

      Exactly the same. The differences in lighting, presentation, angle of minature all add to slight variations from picture to picture.

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