Space Wolf Mastodon Commission: The Howl of Yarrant.

One of the heaviest assault tanks used in the Great Crusade, the Mastodon became a relic, then a myth, after the Scouring. Bastions of imperial might, void shielded and practically impossible to destroy, the Mastodon was relied upon to deliver its potent cargo into the heart of the enemy line.

Can you imagine Russ charging out of this thing? Followed by his elite Huscarls. Or Angron? Or Horus?

Painting a miniature on this scale takes a slight adjustment in thinking. The scale isn’t far off normal tanks, but you can work lovely details like Celtic knots, complex weathering, and metallic warping effects. But make sure to give this thing a stain varnish at the end. The sheer bulk of it makes it easy to chip!

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