Legio Suturvora Forge World Warhound Titan Commission.

What is the point of crushing something that is ugly and base; far better to crush the greatest cities, smash the finest art and tear down the most glorious empires ever wrought by the hand of Mankind.

 Princeps Maximus Horgoth Nyr, Legio Infernus

BIGGGGGGGGG. God damn, this is a big miniature. I can see how people get obsessed with creating titans once you’ve created one. We’ve handled Warhounds before, and we do have a reaver lined up in the future. We just need a warlord in our books to finish off the set!

This Titan is based on the artwork from the Forgeworld black book series and will join a rather handsome Word Bearer army in the UK. Hopefully, as events are being booked in you will be able to see this stomp around the battlefields of the 31st Millenium.

The Fire Masters were renowned for scorched earth tactics and of course, its plasma/flame weaponry. This titan was created with a custom case with foam and fully magnetized.

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