CURSED CITY SKELETONS. Commission piece.

Solamen miseris socios habuisse doloris.

Dr Faustus, Marlowe.

The Cursed City gives us the opportunity the try something different. We are able to set a tone, or a style, without the worry of following through on an entire army. The artwork surrounding this boxed set has inspired this paint job.

The skeletons are the first piece painted from the set. It’s a gentle introduction to the set and allows us the chance to work out any kinks with this new style. How strong should we make the OSL, where should we place it, what recipe should we use for the red? Painting the goons first allows us the chance to work through these issues.

The aim was to create a weathered miniature in NMM with a hellish under-glow of red to frame the sculpt. This is an illustrator’s technique used on busts or larger display pieces. The set was a challenge to see if we can translate these techniques over to a collection, and see how quickly we can paint them!

Each miniature clocks in at 20 mins painting time. A combination of colour mixing, pre-shading and well placed fluorescent products make the unit stand out.

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