SPACE HULK Sgt. Lorenzo Commission.

They are the sons of the Angel, the blooded host, the defenders of Humanity. They are strength. They are nobility. They are the Blood Angels, and I say to you there are no more loyal or determined servants of the Emperor alive today.

High Lord Baldus Bael to Ordo Astartes

How good is this boxed set? Most of the miniatures feel like character pieces, and the character pieces feel like chapter masters! Sgt. Lorenzo has been a firm favorite of mine since its initial release and formed a beautiful ‘Eavy Metal article. Using blue under the eye lids? Madness.

This set was painted using the ‘Art of Compromise’ series – a style of painting developed to marry speed and quality, wrapped in a grim dark style. We’re currently working on a tutorial series for this entire boxed set, teaching you how to paint a set in a weekend!

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