Mawdrym Llansahai, The Flaymaster of the Night Lords Legion. HORUS HERESY COMMISSION.

I know that hurt but… try to smile.

Flaymaster Mawdrym Llansahai.

‘ol bloody bones served as a Primus Medicare within the Night Lords Legion during the Great Crusade. He was able to indulge his sadism within the confines of the Night Lords Legion, even overseeing interrogations inventing new torture techniques, and honing the Legion’s use of terror tactics. His atrocities reached such a pitch that he was dragged before the Primarch and sentenced to death with red marked gloves.

Surviving the drop site massacre the insane Apothecary managed to continue to survive both enemy action and attempts on his own life by his fellow Legionaries. His devil’s luck for surviving these attempts only seemed to further cement his sinister reputation.

In a legion that endorses terror tactics as not only a viable, but essential tool i nthe imperial arsenal, this guy manages to get red marked for being too nasty! That’s quite a feat.

This miniature was sent to me converted by a client to be painted alongside Kurze and Sevatar. He even sent me a bottle of Deadly nightshade – the colour that he has used for 20 years to paint his legion! And it still works! The miniature was given a pre shade and Deadly Nightshade was used to cover before developing the scratches with light greys.

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