Alpharius & Dorn Duel – The Dark Side of Pluto. HORUS HERESY Diorama.

“There is no enemy. The foe on the battlefield is merely the manifestation of that which we must overcome. He is doubt, and fear, and despair. Every battle is fought within. Conquer the battlefield that lies inside you, and the enemy disappears like the illusion he is.

Rogal Dorn, Praetorian of Dorn.

Fresh from the desk of Matty Kane, comes with wonderful diorama. The contrast in gold and teal, warm and cool, stoic and duplicitous. Notice hte holographic nature of Alphairus’ armour, reflecting unusual notes of light in comparison to Dorn’s gleaming plate.

The full tutorial series for Alpharius (yes the one in the picture) is available to view right now with a PDF on Dorn coming shortly. How do you paint gold? How to you paint holographic armour? It’s all here.

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