WARHAMMER CURSED CITY: Octren Glimscry Commission.

He had crucified a toad

In the basilisk abode,

Muttering the Runes averse

Mad with many a mocking curse.

The Wizard Way, Crowley.

Not knowing a tremendous amount about these miniatures can be as much of a hindrance as an opening for creativity. Upon first seeing this character I had the impression of a practitioner of Grey Magic. I had a torrid time with these back in 3rd edition, and I doubt the trauma has ever really settled.

This is a simple miniature, cloak, and metallics. The impact comes from painting these details with an underpainting – in this case, a violet was used as the basis of the shadow, with blue-greys overlapped on top. A burnt bronze was used as the basis, with overlapping shades of green and turquoise to give it a verdigris finish. The highlight was made by dry brushing a small amount of dark silver to give the impression that the bronze had faded.

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