HORUS HERESY: Rogal Dorn in Grim Dark Style: Commission.

We do no submit to fate.

We shape it.

Rogal Dorn

The man of stone, Rogal Dorn stand vigil on the ramparts of Terra.

The client wanted a ‘grim dark’ feel to his Imperial Fists – but what the hell does that actually mean?

My style has been described as grim dark, or like oil painting. In all things, I seek to remove the barrier between the viewer and the world. I don’t want you to see a nicely painting miniature – I want to to expereince the character that this depicts. I want to make it seem like you have walked into that world and are veiwing the Primarch with your very own eyes.

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On the surface Dorn is a ratehr easy Primarch to paint. Lots and lots of gold. Making those large swathes of gold look interesting is the trick. You can modulate the shadows with purple (Shyish Purple from GW constrast range is great for this) and bright silver green/golds for the highlights, but to add a little more bite we can use a verdigris, glazed into the shadows for an extra dimension.

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