Custodian Curion by Mathew Kane.

Ours is the duty absolute. Ours is the vigil that must never end. Ours is the timeless honour, the willing sacrifice, the penitence enduring.


The epitome of loyalty unending, the Custodian Guard are iconic to the lore of Warhammer 40,000 and Horus Heresy alike. Standing resplendent in glorious golden armour, with billowing scarlet cloaks and plumes while their guardian spears and swords resonate with murderous energy to any that would pose a threat to their master, humanities master, the being known only as, The Emperor.


As a massive fanboy of the custodian guard from many a year gone by, I jumped at the opportunity to take on the project of building an army, of which there will be a future article on the website.

But I also had the opportunity to create this guide for all to see within the venerated halls of the Lil’Legend patreon. For all to follow how I achieve the mirrored finish to the armour, with depth and contrast brought about through the use of colour theory, blending, layering, glazing, use of airbrush, various brush strokes… you get the idea.

You can view the entire course below – RIGHT NOW! It’s appropriate for beginner to intermediate level painters but will offer even the most experienced painter insight. ENJOY!


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