TUTORIAL: Horus Heresy Imperial Fist Praetor

Tutorial: Imperial Fist Praetor.

You carry the Emperor’s will as your torch, with it destroy the shadows.

Verses of Sigismund, Book CIV, Verse I

Welcome to the full Imperial Fists Praetor paint-along video series. In this course, you can find 3 video tutorials with a support PDF document. This series covers the skills we develop in Army Painting 2 on our weekend courses. It aims to build on the basics of army painting; developing your skills with the brush, understanding texture, and creating a foundation to create your own centerpiece models.

The aim of these tutorials is to break down a complex paint job into smaller, more manageable sections. Each technique in isolation is simple to achieve and will build a repertoire of skills that you can take into other aspects of your art. For our full catalog please check out the GRAND INDEX

Weathering, blood splatter, how to paint yellow, brush skill, and oil modulation; this course is perfect for intermediate miniature painters. 

For this course, we recommend using Broken Toad Brushes.

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