HORUS HERESY Sons of Horus Praetor

The day will not save them. And we own the night.

Attributed to Horus Lupercal, Siege of Terra.

The Sons of Horus Praetors go up for presale today and I’ve been fortunate enough to paint one.

Well, I’ve painted 2. One has been painted in the livery of the Sons of Horus 1st company, and the other in the traditional sea-green of the legion.

The Justaerin Black is a tricky recipe to create, so this tutorial will concentrate on developing a simpler black, perfectly suitable for rank and file or characters. This model is so chock full of wonderful details, from mirror coins, cthonian runic markings and a helm inspired by the original Isstvan sketches that a simple paint job will render a very, very good result.

I can see his model becoming very popular – especially when you add a sword – model preview coming next week.

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