Taff Sump: Zone Mortalis Showcase

Please excuse this indulgent post. I’ve had some terrain made for Zone Mortalis/ Necromunda games and I’ve gone a bit bonkers taking atmospheric photos below.

The Crimson Mendicants of the Redemption stalk the Underhive. I’ve yet to showcase this classic gang on the website yet. I’ll make sure to include a full write-up on painting, converting, and the ethos of the Mendicants in their own posts. But they enjoy the transformative nature of fire and wearing masks ironically. Unlike other factions within the Redemption, the Crimson Mendicants are quite rich, drawing from the upper classes of Down Hive life.

No, there is no social commentary at all. None. You’re reading too much into little models mate.

Slurr and Baznen, House Goliath. New additions to my Furnace Jackals House Goliath gang. Slurr and Baznen are the first generations of Goliath bred in Taff Sump. They haven’t quite got the formula right yet, but that doesn’t stop Doc Jstor from trying, even in an opiate-induced haze.

A recent outbreak of undead has caused a socio-economic upheaval not experienced in generations. Believed to spread via respiratory particles, this has polarised Taff Sump inhabitants like nothing before.

No! There’s no sub text here. Just a story.

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