Bane of the Throne Legio Atarus Maniple – Commission Work

Legio Atarus Maniple

Legio Atarus Maniple – in all its gory glory. No doubt I’ll do a reflection for the youtube channel (and if you haven’t subscribed – shame on you!)

Legio Atarus Maniple

Is there anything so satisfying as grinding through a project and coming to the end? It’s not a feeling I enjoy that often outside of commission work, but in this case, it’s gratifying. The Red and Bone is a classic combo and I didn’t need to work that hard to make it pop. Overlapping purple in the shadow of the red, while using militaristic colors from Vallejo gave the titans that dead, matte sheen I was looking for.

I still haven’t played a game! I hear nothing but good things.

MYLES! they say

You’ll love it!

It looks great, and it’s not through lack of enthusiasm that I want to play. Commissions have fallen just so, that I need to get away from Titan painting for a while before working on my own stuff. But this Legio Atarus Maniple has a straightforward scheme and has my eye wandering…

To a full scale Reaver Titan. Yes, I shall be painting one of the God engines, but in a completely different scale. The Sutrovora Titan has whetted my whistle. If I follow this trajectory, I should be painting a Warlord by the end of the year.

Wouldn’t that be something?

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