How to Paint Legio Praesagius. Titanicus Tutorial.

How to Paint Legio Praesagius. 

There can be no greater hatred than the one reserved for traitors to your own kind. They are just like us, except in every way that matters.

— Princeps Ultima Dae Vergos, Legio Praesagius, during the Crusade of Iron.

The Legio Praesagius, (“True Messengers“), is a Loyalist Titan Legion, preeminent in the region of Ultramar during the Great Crusade. The Legio is one of the most ancient Legios of the Collegia Titanica still in existence. The True Messengers are long-standing allies of the Ultramarines Legion, naturally leading to their nomination to serve alongside the XIIIth Legion at the great muster at Calth.

In the aftermath of the betrayal at Calth, a mere dozen Titans survived. It would take many solar decades to rebuild the True Messengers into a viable Titan Legion once again.

How to Paint Legio Praesagius series covers:

  • A 5 part video tutorial series on how to paint Fulgrim!
  • A 2 part video tutorial series on how to paint Saul Tarvitz.
  • How to paint metallic armour.
  • How to paint lustrous Imperial Purple.
  • The Full PDF guide on how to paint multiple styles of the IIIrd.
  • Matthew Kane’s full PDF on how to paint Emperor’s Children Infantry!

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