10 unexpected changes in Horus Heresy 2.0! WARHAMMER

Top 10 changes in Heresy 2.0.

With a few games under our belts, we thought we’d jot down some of our favourite changes in this edition.


This is the biggest change to the fundamental structure of the game. I’ve lamented for years the inability to showcase the tactical nous of generals such as Horus, Tarvitz or Angron (cough). This mechanic helps speed up the game, keeps you more engaged and can be used to create situational narrative actions.

If I told you that a recent game ended because my World Eater opponent charged me in my shooting phase on turn 2 – you’d assume that was a blowout. 

But no. Reactions meant we were strategizing in each other’s turns.

Moving, shifting, shooting…those 2 turns had around 4 turns worth of content! And it kept both of us engaged. 

This mechanic will be the ruin or triumph of this edition. The basic structure looks quite sturdy with room to expand into custom scenario reactions. We have yet to experience every nuance of this exciting new addition to the game. But I am hopeful. 

Deep strike and Outflanking 

I’m a blood angel player. My eyes popped out of my head when I saw what they did to Deep Strike. 

An aside, if I can beg your indulgence. Why is assaulting from deep strike so frowned upon when I could rock up with 10 plasma dudes in a rhino from outflank and annihilate a squad? With no chance of being hit in return? You show up, gun down some poor sucker, with no reprisal? Combat is way more hazzardous!

Granted, the inherent jeopardy of Deep Strike has been stripped away (you can no longer die from a mishap), but the ability to bring on all reserves at once significantly speeds up game play and lethality! Remember, you do get a special reaction when a unit deep strikes within 12, and you still get a reaction in the assault phase. 

It’s the change that will catch the most heat, but it’s one I think was sorely needed for game play. But as a Day of Revelation Player, this has me excited beyond anything else!


Hands up who has a plasma gun squad in their army? Everyone? Yup, I’m included in that too.

We’re all guilty of this sin. Plasma has been tweaked (not nerfed, as they still have a potent role to play in-game). It is now far deadlier to wield (rolls of a 1 mean the owner takes an ap 3 wound) and more unpredictable in its effects (essentially having rending 4+). 

Plasma weaponry is no longer an auto-include choice or a lazy way to safeguard yourself against a death star. Seeing more diversity on the field is NEVER a bad thing.


We’ve created a separate article for these venerable ancients. Not only are they more survivable, but they are so much more potent in combat. The to-hit chart protects them against lesser opponents while reliably killing enemies in turn. 

They plug holes in lists, they form a fearsome front line and are damn terrifying when assaulting from Deep Strike (Blood Angels). It’s subjective I know, but they feel more like the ancients we read about in the novels.

Psychic phase.

Top 10 changes in Heresy 2.0. wouldn’t be complete without looking at the Psychic phase. Another HUGE change. The psychic phase has reverted to a 4th Ed style of LD check when the activation becomes relevant. There is no longer a separate phase of the game where you check out mentally if you aren’t playing Thousand Sons. 

The powers themselves offer nice buffs without being game-breaking. And the ability to pass on failed perils of the warp wounds onto models within the same unit as the Psyker means your characters are more likely to last the game. Streamlined and effective, what more can you ask for from game design?

2 wound vets 

It’s not just the privileged few who enjoy this benefit now. All veterans, whether they be power or terminator armoured enjoy 2 wounds. But, you must appreciate the context in which these exist. Everything is deadlier. This edition emphasizes more attacks, more weapons have rending, units get more attacks – the overall lethality of the game has been increased.

The second wound mitigates that unlucky roll, but still ensures a swift death for those doubled out by the strength of an attack. Which leads me nicely onto…

Vehicle damage chart. 

Feel safe in the Spartan aye? Nice and comfy in that Rhino? Well, no longer. These things are moving coffins for infantry. When they blow each member of the unit must take a str8 ap- save. 


No longer can you pass the pain from your Praetor onto a line soldier. You’re rolling. And you are praying a 1 doesn’t turn up. Already I have had a nasty experience with an exploding Spartan housing a unit of terminators. Those 2 W don’t count for much then. 

To Hit CHart

We’ve all been tied up by a militia army. Or tech thralls. Or some manner of dross unit that kept our Primarch from sweeping the field. 

Well, that’s still going to happen as you’re going to have to kill 20 dudes – but it’s now far easier now that the great angel is hitting a cultist on 2+ rather than 3+. I cannot tell you the frustration of hitting on 2+ in the shooting phase but not in the combat phase. And conversely, those units will be hitting my lord of hosts of 6+. Coupled with his high toughness, that great unwashed mass of humanity isn’t doing much. 

Just as the lore would have it. 

As a player of aggressive armies, this is a tonic to my soul. 

Chain Swords

They have shred. 

Let me say that again. 


Re-rolling to wound. 

Assault squad, with chaplain is re-rolling to hit. And the unit is re- rolling to wound. 

When you start putting these combinations together you start to see the intent of this edition. It’s a savage new world we are entering. If we were numbering these, this would be right at the top of our Top 10 changes in Heresy 2.0.

Reuniting with old friends and meeting new ones.

The community is growing! We’re seeing new players join in the fun we’ve all been having for years! And it’s rad to see the different approaches people have when approaching the hobby. From the old grognards who count every rivet, to hobbyists who paint everything in rainbow camouflage, the Heresy community is busting at the seams with new and old talent. It’s going to be an interesting ride seeing it meld together into something different. Already events are selling out across the world, and I’m even planning on attending a few myself in the UK.

That was our Top 10 changes in Heresy 2.0!

A brave new savage era dawns. Who’s cause will you take up?



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