STRATEGIUM: 8 TOP changes to the World Eaters – HERESY 2.0

8 TOP changes to the World Eaters

8 TOP changes to the World Eaters

Rage is better

The World Eaters’ special rules grants +1A on the charge all the time, even if disordered, and without the need for other limitations. You just get it. Getting the charge is going to be crucial for this edition, and the bloody XII has several boosts to help them do just that.

“Our turn” 

Relive the iconic charge at Armatura with the World Eaters’ unique reaction. Once per game ‘Savage Tide’ allows you to weather incoming fire with a boost to feel no pain and then respond by charging the enemy in their shooting phase! *laughs in angry chain axe noises* (I was on the tail end of this after a successful deep strike with my Blood Angels. I wasn’t amused by what Khârn did to me…Myles)

Reign in Bood

World Eaters are arguably* the most heavy metal of the legions and the legion-specific warlord traits turn it up to 11. Terrify the opponents into losing leadership, gain extra S on the charge or even gain wounds from slaying enemies – all three choices are great.

*not many people would argue with the XII

Rites of War

In an edition where most legions have had their more ‘exciting’ options removed or toned down, the World Eater rites of war still provide bonuses that are not to be sniffed at. Berserker assault lets you move faster, granting a bonus to run distances and crucially to charge distances too. This means you’re much more likely to make those crucial charges. Crimson Tide keeps your army alive longer allowing each unit to ignore the first wound it receives each phase. The enemy will have to concentrate their fire to have an effect, especially high strength/low volume shots (such as lascannon) leaving other units unscathed.

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Gladiators, ready! 

The gladiatorial caedere weapons of the World Eaters’ fighting pits have always been one of the cooler aspects of the legion but sadly in previous editions they were vastly over-costed to the point of redundancy. No longer! They’re now free to Rampager squads and have had a tasty boost with each one ignoring 2+ armour on at least a 5+ to wound. Speaking of which, Rampagers have had a nice buff with an extra wound each and the ability to swell the squad up to 15 strong.

Red Butchers are even more butchery

The name alone is enough to strike fear into the heart of any opponent. The World Eaters’ unique terminator unit is now very cost-effective – they’ve had effective points drop if you equip them with power axes and have remained the same cost if you equip them with lightning claws while other terminators have gotten more expensive as they match the 2 wounds of this mighty unit. They also benefit from the Ravening Madmen rule which makes up for the loss of feel no pain and can still take Spartans as dedicated transports in case you were wondering what to do with all your plastic ones.

Khârn the Bloody

Everyone’s favourite blood-soaked maniac is back with a vengeance in Heresy 2.0! His Rampage special rule is now set to 3 (versus 1d3) and he has precision strikes (4+) so no-one is hiding from his revamped chainaxe when it starts swinging. That’s right, the Cutter is now an AP3 chainaxe with rending and murderous strike although you can still equip him with Gorechild when Angron is not about. Oh did I mention his warlord trait? It’s a doozy. No-one except a Primarch may make reactions against Khârn (and his squad) when they charge. This is incredible, with reactions being such a key part of the game.


No article about the World Eaters would be complete without the Lord of the Red Sands and he certainly comes out fighting (as always) in this edition, gaining +1 attack every turn of the game as his butcher’s nails tick hotter and hotter. He also finally gets an army-wide buff, something that was sorely missing during the previous edition. Now, when he takes to the field, you can use three reactions in the enemy’s movement phase but they are restricted to advances only (as if you were going to retreat anyway!).

The whole army also gets feel no pain and adamantium will as they fight harder to kill in their Primarch’s name. He can still make a whole bunch of challenges and still carries his signature weapons- Gorefather, Gorechild (murderous strike 3+!!) and the spite furnace, however his armour of mars has been thankfully improved to the 2+/4++ standard of the majority of his brothers. 

Kid Dangerous (or Dan to his wife) is a long time Heresy nut and fan of the butchers nails.

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