The dawn of a new era: HORUSASCENDED marks the first of a new round of Primarch sculpts depicting these titans at the height of the Heresy.

YES! A new batch of 18 sculpts. All your favourites done again, rendered in exquisite Forge World Resin. And if they all look this good, my god, what a set of models we are in for. HORUS ASCENDED – WOW

Which Primarch would you like to see remade next?

Which Primarch would you like to see remade next?

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This minaiture is a clear progression from the man Horus Lupercal was, to the creature he is becoming. Fuelled by the infernal powers of the warp, his armour reflects the brutality of the Age of Darkness.

There are clear visual ques taken from Adrian Smith’s seminal artwork. The wires into the nose, the copious amounts of heads, and those wonderful groin amorials.

Not a sentence I thought I would ever write.

The new Sanguinius better not be the one above…

We have only 3 COMMISSION SLOTS open for this piece. Given the nature of the model we expect them to go fast!

If you miss out or want to paint him for yourself we will of course be lavishing this model with the full MASTERCLASS treatment. You can find the first treatment done here. I cannot wait to paint this bad boy up!

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  1. Marc Stephens says:

    Think the 18 Primarch’s are OK and don’t think they can repeat any but there is. room for the Daemon versions of some. Think only one missing is Fulgrim now we have Angron

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