Why People Love to Hate Lucius The Faultless Blade

Lucius The Faultless Blade. Soon to become the eternal.

Is it because he’s the best swordsman produced by the Legiones Astartes?

Or that he is an explamer, not only to a perfect legion, but to the wider spectrum of humanity?

Or is it because he is, by far, the biggest chad of the Heresy?

To understand why you should hate him so much, you must know the backstory.

During the Crusade, he was considered (at least by himself) the greatest swordsman bar Fulgrim, in the Galaxy. He had bested all threats put before him, and his drive for perfection led to the riual scarfication of his flesh. Even before the outbreak of the Heresy, Lucius stalked his brother Astartes as prey to be conquered.

It was with great consternation that he was left at Istvaan III to die with elements of the Legion who were not seen as worthy to carry out the Betrayal.

But he would have his own great act of betrayal soon enough.

Istvaan III would see him turn on his brother SAUL TARVITZ, and reveal a weak point in the loyalist line to the IIIrd. This would eventually see a break in the siege and the utter destruction of Loyal elements on the planet.

This dickish behaviors would carry on throughout the Heresy. A preening narcissist with a flare for swords, Lucius would meet his end at the hands of Sharrowkyn, before his eventual resurrection.

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Lucius The Faultless Blade is a delight of a miniature. The scarification on his face is incredibly subtle. It’s not a detail I wanted to really push the contrast with. Instead, I wanted to reward the observant with slight shifts of hue.

The sculpt has some wonderful call backs to the original Visions of Heresy artwork, and I wanted to reflect aspects of this in the paint job. The armour is a more desaturated, Imperial Purple (a purple that leans more toward the blue side of the spectrum) with accents of red glow in the shadow.

The image opposite used magenta in the top highlights to contrast with the cooler hues. It’s a simple forumla – contrast cool with warm hues. Even though purple is a cool colour, you can still maniuplate it.

Lucius the Faultless Blade on the table.

Lets cut to Jonathan to find out his thoughts on using the Faultless blade on the table top:

Lucius has an impressive Weapon Skill (WS) of 7 and base Iniative (I) of 6, with the EC buff on the charge this goes up to 7. Rocking WS and I only 1 less than his Primarch! He then gets bonus attacks for having a higher I than his opponent in a challenge. This is where Lucius thrives, as he gives the unit he is with fearless if he is in one.

He has Preferred Enemy Independent Character and two tasty weapon options, The Blade of the Laer is AP2 (a rarity in this edition) and is my prefferend load out.

Arrogant he maybe, but he has the kit to back it up. Just be sure not to get shot off the board. A 2+ save and an Iron Halo is nice, but he is still as vulnerable as anyone else to a power fist.

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