Akhelian Thrallmaster Age of Sigmar Commission.

Akhelian Thrallmaster

Thrallmasters are cunning and sea-scarred Akhelians who lead the Namarti hosts into battle. Master duellists skilled with all manner of esoteric weapons and accompanied by a vicious snap jaw eel, they mow down their foes with contemptuous ease. Often exiled from Idoneth society, the Akhelians revel in proving their worth by leading Namarti serfs to victory.

The above waws taken directly from the Games Workshop website. I have no idea what any of it means. I now know what my mother felt like walking into a Games Workshop asking for a Dark Elf Corsair. Individually, I understand the words. Together, it’s nonsense.

A commission piece for a client. DElighted to host a piece from AOS on the website. A great sculpt, interesting to paint with lots of areas to explore.

Miniature Painting Course Library.
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