WHY YOU FEAR THE NIGHT. Cursed City Vargulf Commission

Cursed City Vargulf Commission.

Halloween is almost upon us and all next month we bring you ghosts, ghouls, vampires, cults and…a very special surprise.

The Cursed City art is fantastic – heavyh noir with splashes of red like blood dashed acorss the page. It’s something I hafve aimed to create in the art style for this commission. The harsh red underglow bleaching detail stands in contrast to the gren blue hues of midnight.

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We cannot wait to buy more Cursed City stuff at the studio. Every Year I want to sweeep away all my commissions and just paints ghosts and ghouls. This month – you can. We bring you 4 new tutorials via the Patreon Courses that concnetrate on the darker sense of the universe. Cults, Vampires and risen Martyrs.

A common question we are asked in so do you make the red pop so hard? Kimera is the answer. The red Kimera makes is so densly pigmented that it seems to ‘shine’ even in low light conditions. If I could do my Blood Angels again I would paint them with this colour.

Cursed City Vargulf Cursed City Vargulf

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