The BEST Alternate Sculpts to Radukar the Wolf. CURSED CITY.

Radukar the Wolf is a cruel and savage Vampire Lord who rules over the city of Ulfenkarn. In battle, he wields the Barrow-Blade – a weapon stolen from a legendary vampire emperor. Who this Emperor was, or what domains he ruled are now lost to times passing.

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I dragged my feet painting this one. In a set bursting with amazing sculpts, this and the dwarf inspired me the least. For a game centered around vampires, this guy just did not strike that tuning fork in my gut. But, the model is a nice challenge. The fur isn’t overwrought like a lot of sculpts. It leaves open spaces to develop with brushwork and imprint your own style on the piece.

Allow me to go on a tangent. I’ve replaced this miniature in my own set with Karol Rudyk’s Vampires. They are cast in resin, have excellent customer service, and the quality of the sculptures is wonderous. With GW rolling out new expansions for Cursed City, it might be worth your time browsing their website to find alternative sculpts. I’ll be doing my level best to paint a vampire for a Mordheim Warband I’ve been planning since… oh gosh, before covid!

Radukar the Wolf or Dimitir?

or Seraphim?

I know where my money is going this halloween.

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