How MOON FACE can improve your painting. Necromunda Bounty Hunter.

Moonface Necromunda Bounty Hunter from House Bharteth from Tagged Events.

I’m a sucker for Cyber Punk. 80’s/ early 90’s art? Just hook it directly into my veins.

The image above is from Confrontation – the predecessor to Necromunda. Every inch of that image just crawls with personality. It’s the Warhammer aesthetic that I fell in love with as a kid. Dark, dirty, bleak, and utterly nihilistic.

When I saw Tagged events Moon Face I was instantly thrown back to this earlier, savage time. There’s so much to love about this miniature as a painter. Skin, textures, and a multitude of options to customize your own bounty hunter. It makes a wonderful NPC or Necromunda Bounty Hunter for your games Down Hive.

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This miniature was painted alongside a student to develop their sense of color placement. We started with the hair and plotted each section step at a time. Analyze the picture and determine why we’ve used certain colors. It’s a great exercise for any miniature painter. Pick one point on a miniature, paint it, then paint the section next to it using the principles of value, hue and saturation.

Unusual miniatures become jigsaw puzzles to develop.

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