How to Paint Yellow Blood Bowl Orcs

Blood Bowl Orcs. They’re so big, they’re so dumb, and they are so, so much fun.

I started preparing these miniatures when the Patreon was first launched (the humans are still being worked on) and I’ve only had the impetus to finish them. There was a little gap in the schedule, and a student wanted to know how to paint Orc skin – the perfect storm.

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Analyzing the miniatures, they aren’t that different from space marines. Lots of armour and exaggerated muscles make for a pleasant painting experience. Orcs lend themselves really well to high fantasy painting – clean, bright colours with lots of colour compliments.

But I wanted these mired in the mud. I’m Welsh, and of course, I played rugby at school. Whenever I see a Blood Bowl paint job there’s a note of inauthenticity – where’s the mud? Where’s the blood? Even on nice days I came off those fields caked in mud (and worst, they were public areas) – I couldn’t give Orcs a cleaner-than-clean paint job.

Adding this layer of grime strikes at the heart of my ethos of miniature painting. I want you, the viewer, to feel like you are stepping into this world, and you can see an Orc in front of you. I don’t want you to feel like you are looking at a nicely painted miniature – I want you to be placed in another world looking at an ORC!

Blood Bowl Orcs – frantic, fun and hit like a ton of bricks. Now how do you play this game?

Blood Bowl Orcs

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  1. Heiko Bender says:

    Dear Lil Legend, i want to Reader your Bloodbowl Ork painting tutorial. Is it possible to by it?
    Thanks Heiko

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