How to Paint The KRATOS TANK – Horus Heresy

How to Paint The KRATOS TANK

The Kratos Heavy Assault Tank is based on an Ancient Terran pattern fielded during the Unification of Old Earth, redesigned after the Emperor’s treaty with the Lords of Mars to serve as the spearhead of the Great Crusade, a line-breaker and foe hammer. This grinding battle tank is all but impervious to enemy fire, and its steady, inexorable advance provides an indomitable core to any assault by the Legiones Astartes, enforced by a barrage of overwhelming firepower.

This masterclass delves into what we do best – WEATHERING, TANKS & HERESY. This is the comprehensive guide to how to paint the KRATOS HEAVY ASSAULT TANK.

This masterclass takes you through painting every aspect of this miniature in an easily digested, multi-part series.

How to Paint the Kratos Heavy Assault Tank series covers:

  • The best way to sub-assemble your tank
  • What materials do you need to produce masterclass quality paint jobs on tanks?
  • How to apply a pre-shade, no matter the legion.
  • How to apply realistic chipping to your tank.
  • How to apply decals and overlap them to create freehand designs.
  • How to create EASY chequers.


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