Path to Glory – The Great Unspeakable One

Path to Glory

Thou wouldst be great
Art not without ambition, but without
The illness should attend it

Orakle Lady MacDeath

The Path to Glory. People walk the path for many reasons. For conquest, for blood, for vengence yes, but the path can be tread upon by the unwary. A warlord gathering enough strength to protect their tribe. A scholar searching for a cure. A parent searching for their offspring amidst the tides of madness that is the Realms of Chaos!

No one walks the Path to Glory because they think they’re evil. They do it because they delusionally think they can handle it(Aaron Dembski Bowden, Goonhammer interview) .

And so our journey begins, deluded into believing we can collect, and paint a full army of Slaves to Darkness.

Every decision I’m throwing is open to you. From colour scheme to basing, the chaotic conscioness of the internet will decide everything. I’ll be rolling up a custom warlord using the old Realms of Chaos D100 charts, and I’d like you to join me. But more on that below.

Question 1: Who is your god?

Now this presents a host of problems – I haven’t narrowed down the theme of the force. In fact, we’ve just exploded it into more possibilities. What are the images associated with the army? What are the symbols, animals, colours? Khorne has devil dogs, axes and the Khorne symbol. Currently, we have the great undivided star.

We’ll have to design this all from scratch.

But this does present a wonderful opportunity to explain how to choose colours for a force. We’ll be working this up from the ground, and these principles apply equally across all collections. Question 2 –

Poll – What will the dominant colour of this army be?

Slaves to Darkness: Path to Glory - The Colours of Madness

What should the dominant colour of this Warband be?

I’ve had to narrow down the symbols to these few. It doesn’t quite have the same chaotic majesty of the Realm of Chaos ethos, but I can’t spend all day writing out symbols for a poll! I have a job and family and stuff.

What will the symbol that unites this Warband be? If you have any other suggestions leave a comment below.

Slaves to Darkness: Path to Glory - Sigils and Portents

Which sigil should becmoe the Warband's totem?

Basing – Where should the Warband be depicted? If you have any other suggestions leave a comment below.

Slaves to Darkness: Path to Glory - Cursed Earth

How should we base the Warband?

The next phase? We’ll be rolling up our champions! And you can do this with me. Log into your Patreon Account and search out Advent Day 2 – you’ll find a link to book a call with me and we’ll create your own custom Chaos Character!

We’ll have the show up on our Youtube channel by January.

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