Descent of Angels – Sanguinius Commission.

I can feel the groan go up from the gallery. I know I’ve painted a lot of Sanguinius! And no I’m not sick of it! I’m going to paint MORE!

I finally feel at peace with the entire diorama. It’s such a complex piece. So many different light sources, textures, and volumes of exquisitely sculpted detail. We also have a somewhat awkward pose of Sanguinius striking down the Daemon. It’s overwhelming.

Angels and Daemons

How do we overcome this? I made sure that Sanguinius armour was luminescent, and that the daemon wasn’t the focal point of the scene.

I can drag your attention away from the base and the daemon to Sanguinius through the manipulation of value. This simply means making Sanguinius upper chest and head brighter than any other aspect of the paint job. The wings have had to be musted with red-orange, and the arms and legs fade to darker gold.

The daemon to has been painted in a similar colour palette to the base. This helps merge the 2 together, making the daemon seem more ephemeral – a part of the scene. The underglow helps illuminate the daemon and the base, without robbing the emphasis placed on Sanguinius

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