Horus Lupercal – Primarch of the Luna Wolves Commission

The Horus Lupercal Luna Wolves.

This Priamrch, Horus Lupercal is a beast. Horus Lupercal Luna Wolves! It’s one of the most powerful models in the game and I had the pleasure to paint him as a LUNA WOLF.

Horus Lupercal – The Luna Wolf Years

The Primarch of the Luna Wolves is Horus Lupercal, and he’s a big deal. A really big deal. Before his descent into madness, Horus was the pinnacle of the Legion project. A being of awesome power, that wielded the full might of the Imperium with strategic genius.

Known as the eye of Terra, Hoprus was fundamental in conquering the galaxy, having the highest number of compliances attributed to the Luna Wolf Legion.

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Painting a white armour

When painting a white armour, you have many options.

  • White primer is a good place to start. It’s not only cheap and easy to use, but it also helps your next layer of paint stick better.
  • Spray paint can be used as an alternative to regular paintbrushes and airbrushes if you want an even coat with no brush strokes or unevenness in the colouring process. This method can be useful if you’re trying out different colours before deciding on one final shade – just keep changing up your colours until you’ve found something that works!
  • Remember the colour wheel. White can be manipulated with a colour temperature. Horus uses cool bases and warm mid-tones. This gives a good variation in tone.

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