The darker side of the Delaque Pspyker

Delaque Pspyker

Delaque Pspyker are equal parts telepathic eavesdropper and gibbering psychic powerhouse, engineered by House Delaque to serve its gang leaders. In a process that can take months or even years, an individual with a glimmer of psychic potential is dosed up with concentrated Ghast solutions – strapped into a medicae harness as their body atrophies and their cranium expands.

Those who don’t suffer catastrophic biological collapse become Spykers – too weak to stand, these non-sanctioned psykers use their powers to glide across the battlefield and unleash terrifying mental assaults.

This model speaks to me. You get some sculpts that you need to throw paint at. Most of the Necromunda range falls into this category for me. But I knew this model would give me a chance to create some atmospheric lighting playing off the base.

I posted up a question on Instagram – what colour should I paint the vials? The most common answer was green – which makes perfect sense if you want to add a contrasting colour. The compliment is the one we normally pick. However, in this case I wanted to keep the scheme tight, and use a limited palette.

The red balanced the base and sandwiched the head- dragging all of your focus toward the face. You’ll also notice that the skin is by far and away the brightest aspect of the miniature. I wanted to give the impression of a narrow band of illumination from above. As if it were haloing the head, with the rest of the piece plunged into darkness.

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