Why you need a Knight Cerastus Lancer. Commission piece.

Ah, the mighty Cersatus Knight Lancer – a sight to behold on the battlefield. And when painted in a black-and-white scheme? Simply stunning.

I recently had the pleasure of painting this Cersatus Knight Lancer in this monochromatic color scheme inspired by the Titan Legio: Crucius.

The Knight Lancer is a stoic and powerful machine, but unlike its counterparts is best suited for close combat. We’ve posed the knight in a forward-running movement, with an aggressive fluo. red to offset the black-and-white scheme.

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But why black and white, you might ask? Well, for me, it’s all about the drama. The stark contrast between the two colors adds a level of intensity to the miniature that just isn’t there with more traditional color schemes. The green was deepened and changed from yellow khaki to green blue and mottled with a sponge. There are so many open spaces to the knight that it cries out for embellishment.

Of course, there are some downsides to this color scheme – mainly that it can be a bit unforgiving if there are any mistakes in the painting. We’ve broken these areas up with faux marble white and saltires of black. If you’d like to learn how we painted these details check out the link below.

Overall, I am absolutely thrilled with my black and white Cersatus Knight Lancer commission. It’s a stunning addition to any collection and a conversation starter for any fellow miniature enthusiasts who come to visit. If you’re considering a commission please please get in touch with us – we’d love to paint a bespoke knight, just for you.

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