How to paint Salamanders Masterclass

How to Paint Salamanders by Lil’Legend Studio

Hailing from the fiery world of Nocturne, the Salamanders were a culture steeped in myth and legend, with their warriors forged in the heat of volcanic ash and tempered by the trials of the planet’s harsh terrain. The Salamanders were known for their unwavering loyalty to the Emperor and their unbreakable bond with the people of Nocturne, whom they viewed as their own kin. In battle, they were fearsome opponents, wielding weapons imbued with the power of flame and fighting with a burning passion that could only come from the heart of a Salamander.

This is the comprehensive learning resource for the Salamander Legion. This masterclass takes you through everything needed to create your own sons of Nocturne. This is a living document and will be updated periodically with new tutorials.

How to Paint Salamanders Masterclass series covers:

  • The complete step-by-step PDF for Forge World’s official colour scheme, written by MATHEW KANE.
  • A FREE PDF on how to paint infantry to a basic standard. 

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