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How to paint the HORUS HERESY Lil’Legend is proud to present the most comprehensive guide on how to paint the Space Marine Legions that exist ANYWHERE.

Painting the Legions

Each Legion guide comes with at least one guide (in most cases we have video and PDF support) to Forge World standards. Mathew Kane has written a PDF for EACH legion and Myles David has created PDF guides and Video Tutorials on how to create striking Legion schemes that are suitable for all levels of miniature painting.

How to paint the HORUS HERESY is a comprehensive guide on how to paint mass infantry armies, through tanks, dreadnoughts and bespoke character pieces to lead your armies. The full gamut of the painting process is laid out in easily digestible modules. This is suitable for ALL skill ranges and will help develop your miniature painting.

Every single tutorial can be accessed for $15 via the Patreon Courses. That’s it $15 grants you full access to EVERYTHING below.

Enjoy the journey and welcome to the wonderful world of Horus Heresy Miniature painting.

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* Please note this is a living document and will be added to over time. The specials are being fleshed out at the time of writing.

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