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How to Paint Lion El’Johnson, the Lion 40K Tutorial

How to Paint Lion El’Johnson, the Lion 40K Tutorial by Lil’Legend Studio The Lion, a resolute Primarch of the Imperium in the grim universe of Warhammer 40,000, strides as a colossus on the battlefield. His gene-forged might is matched only by his strategic brilliance. Clad in baroque and ornate armor, his presence commands legions, his…
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Tutorial: The Lion Masterclass series.

The Lord of the First, Son of the Forest, Lion El Johsnon receives the full masterclass treatment. This video series represents the pinnacle of the system. A full, 4K video tutorial with supporting PDF tutorial to break down the process step by step. This video series covers new techniques such as:

Lion El’Johnson Primarch of the Dark Angels. Son of the forest. The First. Commission piece.

Loyalty is it’s own reward. Lion El’Johnson I’m delighted to present the Lion – son of the forest. The First. This is tinged with a hint of sadness, as there’s only one primarch left in the series. Looking back to Angron,m through the pantheon, we’ve been blessed with some of the best sculpts in this…
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