Lion El’Johnson Primarch of the Dark Angels. Son of the forest. The First. Commission piece.

Loyalty is it’s own reward.

Lion El’Johnson

I’m delighted to present the Lion – son of the forest. The First.

This is tinged with a hint of sadness, as there’s only one primarch left in the series. Looking back to Angron,m through the pantheon, we’ve been blessed with some of the best sculpts in this scale.

The full Lion masterclass tutorial series will be available by the end of October 2020.

Tackling black – it’s been my life’s work. Working on something like this allows us to tint the greys with warm or cool colours. We can even overlap them for stronger, deeper polishes. For example the armour on the upper thigh has been built with cool tones (greys with turquoise and blues mixed in with the grey) and topped off with a warm hue (in this case a very light skin tone). This helps dramatise the shift in tone without relying on value alone (the scale from black to white).

I think this is my favourite shot.

This model has been fully magnesited as per the instruction of the client. when working on a centre piece model I highly suggest choosing one option so as to reduce the amount of handling the model undergoes.

The pale cream cloak frames the miniature well, but I’d love to paint the inner cloak red for the next commission. Red, black and gold are the signifiers of the imperial household and it would be fitting for the Lion to bear the heraldry of Terra. The hint of green on the cloak and shoulder guards speak to his relationship with Caliban.

I’ll be producing a video showcase over the next few days. If you have any questions please ask! I’d love to include them in the discussion.

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