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Halloween is a time of subversion. And none more so than for Vellas Von Faine. When the usual norms are upended, even if it is for one night. When a lord can dress as a peasant, a man as a woman, a politician as an honest man. We can all break societal norms without transgressing…
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CRIMSON COURT Prince Duvalle Commission

“Surrender and serve me in life, or die and slave for me in death.“ Vlad Von Carstien When I think of a Vampire in Warhammer, I will think of this sculpt. It has the classic noble pose, domineering, sneering, flamboyant, and slightly condescending. The client made mention of why he would be looking at his…
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CRIMSON COURT Ennias Curse-born Commission

We enjoy the night, the darkness, where our sins outrun the light. Night is when we slake our thirst. Ennias Curse-born is the most interesting sculpt of the Crimson Court miniatures because I grew up with a PS2. Have you ever heard of Soul Reaver 2? Or the Legacy of Kain series? Then there’s a…
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