CRIMSON COURT Ennias Curse-born Commission

We enjoy the night, the darkness, where our sins outrun the light. Night is when we slake our thirst.

Ennias Curse-born is the most interesting sculpt of the Crimson Court miniatures because I grew up with a PS2.

Have you ever heard of Soul Reaver 2? Or the Legacy of Kain series? Then there’s a good chance you’re an aging Millenial like me who still uses Simpsons quotes.

Considering this is a series about warring Vampires, had pretty good reviews and a fanbase, it’s weird why the franchise hasn’t survived. I’d definitely pick up a new game if it came out. But let’s look at the miniature I painted – I hope that’s why you’re here right?

Lots of stuff to look at. Wings, flesh, weapon, base – lots to juggle, lots to harmonize. It helped to have such tight notes from the client on how he wanted it painted. The color choices balanced out well against one another – the purple wings are tied in with the pale skin, and the hair mirrors the base. The mace head had a faint glow applied to drag attention to it, without overwhelming the miniature. Notice how the reflection only picks up on his stomach and doesn’t completely bleach out the surrounding surfaces.

Light touches, overlapping cool and warm tones, and an eye for a gothic colour palette will take you a long way when painting vampires. I’ve filmed the entire process, not only for this, but for the entirety of the Crimson Court, and will form a tutorial series via Patreon (LINK EVERYWHERE ON THIS PAGE). It is Halloween after all – why on earth should I be painting Orks?


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