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Principia Belicosa, World Eaters. Sample Army Lists.

Sample Army Lists Mid Heresy: Armoured Berserkers (3000 points Frontline mode) This is a variant of a list I usually run in 3k games in my local club where it has done pretty well. I have given up Surlak and Inductii in favour of transports and mobility, but you could swap out the assault marines…
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Ante Bellum: Court of Eidolon Concept army.

Faction Emperor’s Children Focus Advanced Cost £439 “And besides, we are changing. Our pleasures will soon be our masters. While we remember how to order a Legion, we must make the most of it.” Eidolon. From “The Path of Heaven.” This is not an army. This is not a collection designed to be played in-game…
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Ante Bellum: Chogorian Brotherhood Army List

In this series of articles our Master at Arms, Jonathan Strugnell, will develop army concepts for the nightmare battlefields of the Horus Heresy. Struggling to find an army list that suits your style? Baffled by the older 7th ed rule system? We’re here to offer a guide. Faction White Scars Focus Beginner List Price £1245…
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