Ante Bellum: Chogorian Brotherhood Army List

In this series of articles our Master at Arms, Jonathan Strugnell, will develop army concepts for the nightmare battlefields of the Horus Heresy. Struggling to find an army list that suits your style? Baffled by the older 7th ed rule system? We’re here to offer a guide.

FactionWhite Scars
FocusBeginner List

Chogorian Brotherhood

“There is only one unforgivable lie. That is the lie that says, ‘This is the end, you are the conqueror, you have achieved it and now all that remains is to build walls higher and shelter behind them.’ Now, the lie says, ‘the world is safe.” 

Jaghatai Khan, Primarch of the White Scars.

Do you like Bikes (of the jet and tire variety)? Do you want an army that strikes as thunder? Do you want a Primarch laughs as he kills?

Of course, you do, who doesn’t?

With the Chogorian Brotherhood rite of war, you can turn an Astartes legion into your very own biker gang.

The White Scars were ‘Born in the Saddle’ (granting them skilled rider special rule). They also get Power Glaives: an AP2 Str +1 power weapon that sergeants can be equipped with. Striking with an AP 2 weapon at initiative in combat is rare in 30K, and this army can take an abundance of it!

Chogorian Brotherhood allows outrider and jetbikes as troops, and they gain Hit and Run. This isn’t the list for infantry lovers. It is the quintessential White Scar Rite of War, where movement, not guns or swords, will win the day. Remember, movement is life.

Sicarans and Lightnings support the bikes with anti-tank potential. 

We have not even spoken about the Khan, get him on his bike and he can bounce in and out of combat. Always hitting first and charging with AP2 attacks. He also gives everyone scout, just in case you needed any other movement advantage!

Get on your bikes, throttle to maximum speed, jinking shots and picking your combats. You should be using your speed to outmaneuver and destroy any traitors that are foolish enough to pick on the Vth Legion. 

This army is tough, quick, and has the most powerful special rule in the game (Hit and Run). This army will struggle against a dedicated gun line, attrition and holding objectives. Get used to being outmanned by your opponents. Take to heart the axiom: Strike hard, strike fast, strike hard!


There is a rule point to discuss in the list. Technically the Brotherhood requires the Warlord to be mounted on a space marine bike or Scimitar Jetbike. The Khan has to be the Warlord as he is the Primarch and he cannot be mounted on either of those options. It is assumed this will be FAQed as it makes little sense for the quintessential White Scar list to not allow the Primarch to lead it!

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